Sunday, April 24, 2011

What's The Thinnest Condom on The Market?

The Trojan Supra is the thinnest condom we measured at .0011 inches, however it may not be the best feeling condom for you. The Trojan Supra is made with Polyurethane which is great if you have a latex allergy and want both pregnancy and STI protection, but Polyurethane will not stretch as much as a latex condom which can be uncomfortable for some. It's also made about 10% wider which I assume is a result of the reduction in the stretching capability but may not be the best fitting condom for everyone. If it fits and you are looking for an improvement in feeling then this condom could be the perfect fit for you.

Trojan tops the list, but you may want to try out some other brands such as the Kimono Microthin which is made from premium Japanese latex, or the Durex Sensi-Thin or Durex Love condom which is one of our most popular.

If a condom is not providing great sensation and pleasure to both you and your partner, keep trying new condoms. We developed The Ultimate Thin Condom Sampler just for this purpose so you can try out some of the most popular thin condoms from top FDA approved manufacturers. There are lots of different styles to hit everyone's pleasure zone so if it's not working, you've got the wrong condom.

We measured nearly 100 different condoms using a newly calibrated micrometer to see how these thin condoms stacked up against one another and listed below our results or check out our Website Thin Condom section:

Name length circumference thickness pouch_circumference texture_thickness
Trojan Supra Condoms 8.1 4.65 0.0011

Trojan Thintensity Condoms 8.22 4.25 0.0013 4.3
Kimono MicroThin AquaLube Condoms 8.15 4.2 0.0014

Trojan Natural Lamb Condoms 7.81 2.95 0.0015 5.37
Crown Colors Condoms 7.72 4.18 0.0015

Vivid Condoms 8.47 4.25 0.0015

Durex Sensi Thin Condoms 7.5 4.06 0.0016

LifeStyles Ultra Thin Condoms 7.79 4.3 0.0016

One Pleasure Dome Condoms 7.94 4.06 0.0017 5.4
LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive Condoms 8.38 4.21 0.0017

Crown Condoms 7.84 4.23 0.0017

Durex Love Condoms 8.6 4.37 0.0017 4.65
Durex XXL Condoms 9.37 4.5 0.0017

LifeStyles Thyn Condoms 7.68 4.16 0.0018 4.8
Vivid Extra Thin Condoms 8.17 4.17 0.0018

Trustex Tri-Color Condoms 7.77 4.21 0.0018
Kimono MicroThin Large 8.34 4.24 0.0018

Durex Performax Condoms 8.63 4.53 0.0018 4.7
Kimono MicroThin 7.95 4.13 0.0019

Trustex Assorted Colors 8.19 4.13 0.0019

One Classic Select Condoms 7.89 4.16 0.0019

CautionWear Classic Select Condoms 8.03 4.18 0.0019

Paradise Mint Flavored Condoms 7.9 4.2 0.0019

Paradise Cherry Flavored Condoms 7.9 4.2 0.0019

Paradise Strawberry Flavored Condoms 7.9 4.2 0.0019

Paradise Banana Flavored Condoms 7.9 4.2 0.0019

Paradise Vanilla Flavored Condoms 7.9 4.2 0.0019

CautionWear Black Ice Condoms 8.09 4.23 0.0019

Rough Rider Studded Condoms 7.96 4.25 0.0019
Contempo Bareback Condoms 7.86 4.26 0.0019 4.67
LifeStyles Sheer Pleasure Condoms 7.77 4.27 0.0019 4.8
Trojan Extended Pleasure Condoms 7.85 4.3 0.0019

Trojan Fire and Ice Condoms 8.3 4.4 0.0019 5.11
Trojan Magnum Condoms 8.3 4.4 0.0019 4.85
Trojan Magnum Thin Condoms 8 4.45 0.0019 4.9
Trojan Her Pleasure Warming 8.3 4.45 0.0019 4.82 0.002
CuationWear Wild Rose Condoms 7.88 4.11 0.002
LifeStyles Kiss of Mint Condoms 7.87 4.17 0.002 5.09
LifeStyles Ultra Lubricated Condoms 8.04 4.17 0.002

One 576 Sensations 8.06 4.17 0.002
Kimono Maxx Condoms 8.45 4.17 0.002 4.26
Durex High Sensation Condoms 7.68 4.23 0.002
LifeStyles X2 Condoms 7.99 4.26 0.002 4.98
LifeStyles Tuxedo Black Condoms 8.05 4.29 0.002

Vivid Studded Condoms 8.01 4.31 0.002
Beyond Seven Aloe Condoms 7.07 4.32 0.002

Trojan Very Sensitive Lubricated Condoms 8.08 4.38 0.002

Trojan Magnum Twister Condoms 8.3 4.45 0.002 4.7 0.0011
Durex Banana Flavored Condoms 8.6 4.45 0.002

Durex Strawberry Flavored Condoms 8.6 4.45 0.002

Durex Orange Flavored Condoms 8.6 4.45 0.002

Trojan Magnum Ecstasy Condoms 8.5 4.5 0.002 5.7 0.0009
Durex Extra Sensitive 8.25 4.51 0.002

Trojan Magnum XL Condoms 8.25 4.65 0.002 4.93

8.058125 4.264167 0.002073 4.949563 0.001179
LifeStyles Snugger Fit Condoms 7.85 4.1 0.0021

Lifestyles Triple Pleasure Condoms 8.16 4.13 0.0021
Durex Enhanced Pleasure 8.03 4.15 0.0021 4.79
Kimono Textured Condoms 8.19 4.17 0.0021 4.17 0.0006
Trojan UltraThin Condoms 7.4 4.3 0.0021

Beyond Seven Studded Condoms 7.79 4.3 0.0021
Trojan Ultra Ribbed Condoms 7.91 4.34 0.0021
Trojan Intense Condoms 8.5 4.4 0.0021 5.11 0.0016
Trustex Color Condoms 8.06 4.05 0.0022

Trustex Dual Color Condoms 8.3 4.08 0.0022

Trustex Cola Flavored Condoms 7.45 4.12 0.0022

Kimono Colors Condoms 8 4.2 0.0022 5.03
Durex Intense Sensations Condoms 7.8 4.22 0.0022
LifeStyles Dual Pleasure Condoms 7.81 4.22 0.0022 5.6
LifeStyles Ribbed Pleasure Condoms 8.03 4.26 0.0022
Trojan Enz Non-Lubricated Condoms 7.83 4.3 0.0022

Trojan Twister Condoms 8.3 4.42 0.0022 5 0.0011
Trojan Magnum Fire and Ice Condoms 8.2 4.5 0.0022 4.7
Durex PleasureMax Condoms 8.27 4.56 0.0022 4.93 0.0012
Contempo Midnight Condoms 7.86 4.31 0.0023

Trustex Extra Large Condoms 8.06 4.4 0.0023

Trustex Mint Flavored Condoms 7.94 4.11 0.0024

Trustex Grape Flavored Condoms 7.94 4.11 0.0024

Trustex Cherry Flavored Condoms 7.94 4.11 0.0024

Trustex Vanilla Flavored Condoms 7.94 4.11 0.0024

Trustex Strawberry Flavored Condoms 7.94 4.11 0.0024

One Super Sensitive Condoms 7.84 4.14 0.0024

LifeStyles Studded Condoms 7.83 4.16 0.0024
One The Legend Condoms 7.9 4.33 0.0024

One Zero Condoms 8.2 4.4 0.0024

Trojan Magnum Warming Condoms 8.3 4.4 0.0024 4.7
LifeStyles King XL Condoms 7.85 4.56 0.0024 5.21
LifeStyles Kyng Condoms 8 4.61 0.0024 5.26
Ria Wrangler Condoms 8.26 4.15 0.0025
Trojan Enz Condoms 7.86 4.34 0.0026

LifeStyles Extra Strength Condoms 8.16 4.31 0.0027

One Glowing Pleasures Condoms 8.2 4.21 0.0028
Lifestyles Skyn Condoms 8.04 4.32 0.0028

Trojan Ecstasy Condoms 8.22 4.4 0.0028 5.71 0.0002
Durex Pleasure Curve Condoms 8.4 4.28 0.003
Avanti Bare Condoms 7.99 4.35 0.003 4.69
One Pleasure Plus Condoms 8.28 4.15 0.0032 5.456 0.0013

Saturday, April 16, 2011

"What Is The Best Condom?" The Qestion Should Be: "What is The Best Condom For You And Your Partner?"

We get asked this question all the time "What's the best condom?" and we always have the same response... You should be asking "What is the best condom for me and my partner?" since we are all made up differently both physically and mentally. Ribs, studs, textures and enhancement gels may hit the oh so important sweet spots with one couple and completely fall flat with another. The long and the short of it so to speak is that if you don't like the feeling of condoms, then you just may not have tried enough out to find the one that is best for you and our partner.

We put together below some important questions to help you decide which features are most important to you and your partner to help you through the maze of choices available (and there are a lot these days!) If you either don't have time to read below or just want to try them all out, then we recommend you try our Ultimate Condom Sampler 100 Pack with over 50 different types of condoms including thin, sensitive, lubricated, ribbed, studded, stimulating/enhancing, desensitizing, non-latex and shaped condoms. There's one in there to fit every mood!

Snug, loose fitting or Shaped?
When we are talking about snug or large we are generally speaking about the width of the condom and we need to talk about safety first when we address this feature since we want to be sure it's not so snug that you risk breakage and not too loose where you risk it slipping off. That being said, many men prefer the feeling of a more tightly forming condom while others get pleasure from the movement inside the condom when it's looser fitting. A good example of this is the shaped condom which maintains the safety by tightly fitting at the base, then provides the extra room at the top to increase the friction inside the condom. It's sort of like an artificial skin which can provide a similar feeling to an uncircumcised penis for those of you who are. If you or your partner is of significant size, remember that most condoms will fit almost any girth. If you've ever seen a video on YouTube of someone blowing up a condom on their head you will know what I'm talking about.

Ribbed or Studded?
Ribs and studs can provide a little extra friction, but don't be too intimidated by these since most a just a little thicker than a human hair when compressed down. It's more marketing hype than anything else with names like "Intense Ribbed" or "Rough Rider" it's easy to get a little nervous about how they will feel, but the lubrication which nearly all have will provide a smooth feel with a touch more friction for added sensation. The ribs vs. studs is more of a personal preference and we encourage you to try both.

Stimulation or Desensitizing?
Warming Condoms use lubrication with elements found in every day food such as chilli peppers called capsaicin to mimic the natural heating up during sexual excitement and Desensitizing Condoms typically use benzocaine which can be found in over the counter products as a topical numbing agent. Warming condoms can get you in the mood faster while desensitizing condoms can help you last longer.

Latex or Not?
Some people just don't like the feel of latex while others may have an allergic reaction to it. In the past, there were not many options available especially if you wanted STI protection since Natural Lamb was the primary choice which has a natural membrane that viruses can pass through. New condom technology and manufacturing processes are available to help people with latex allergies which are FDA approved to prevent both STD's and pregnancy. These new condoms are made of polyurethane and polyisoprene for those with a latex allergy.

If you have more questions, try our Condom Helper and keep trying until you find the best condom for you!

Monday, April 11, 2011

WowCondoms Launches - What a Learning Experience - It's Not 1987

We launched in March and I've been a condom sales person now for about a month and I've learned some things I expected and others I didn't.

One of the biggest shocks has been the response of sites such as YouTube, Facebook and many others who would not allow us to advertise with them. Condoms are not only a public health concern, but are also openly displayed in virtually every convenience, drug or department store so why the limitations on the Web? Here's a quick snapshot of what we encountered:
  • Microsoft Adcenter has been by far the most sympathetic and extremely nice over the telephone but it was an amazingly complicated process to get approved to advertise with them and we are now happy customers;
  • Facebook, on the other hand declined our advertisement with a picture of a blown up condom so we changed the image to a box of condoms which they approved and ran for three days, then without warning they shut down the entire fan page all together and sent me a message that I should be more careful with my posts. I did post some funny condom commercials I found on YouTube from around the World, nothing I would ever consider edgy, but who knows... They haven't responded to my appeal yet so I still have no idea why and our page is still nowhere to be seen.
  • Here's an email I received from Google for my AdWords account which means I am able to advertise on the Google search, but not the related network sites:
I have consulted a member of the policy team in the last few minutes and
they have confirmed that any Ads that advertise condoms, contraceptives
and the likes of are all considered non family safe. As a result they
cannot appear on the display network as only ads that are family safe can
appear on the display network. 
  • I then submitted some YouTube videos through Adwords and received a decline after about a weeks wait. Oddly enough, there's an advertisement for Trojan Magnums from Trojan on YouTube when I type "condoms" into the search which I did point out to them, but still a decline to me.
I can certainly understand why a corporation would try to engage as broad an audience as possible and that there is pressure from certain groups who oppose the use of condoms. What surprises and concerns me is the "who gets to decide" which Websites get displayed. Facebook, Google and YouTube are where Internet users go to search for information, be entertained and connect with friends. Granted, they own their respective sites and they get to decide who gets displayed and where but what does this mean for society and culture as hundreds of millions of us join and participate in these sites from all over the World? What will we be able to say, promote and communicate that could possibly offend someone?

I was in high school during the AIDS epidemic in the late 80's and condoms were not only culturally accepted, but also perceived as a public health necessity. I'm not sure what happened between then and now, but teenage pregnancy is rising for the first time in years and condom utilization, especially amongst adults with casual partners is on the decline. We haven't had an AIDS scare recently, but rest assured complacency will bring another one back.

As a result of all of this, we will use this blog to post more serious content and information related to condom reviews, technology and safety information. We still have a sense of humor and will be posting the more entertaining content on a sister blog which will be at: